Monday, April 2, 2012

Being Dad

So if you haven't heard, I'm a father! My son was born earlier this year and what a ride it has been!

He is only 6 weeks old but he is already doing so much it's inbelievable. Just in the past week or two, he has begun smiling and making happy noises. I never really knew what the usual time frame on something like that was but it seems to soon! I guess they really do grow up fast.

Here is the little guy

I lot of people ask me what it like being a dad now. Well, all I can really say is that it is a lot of fun at the moment getting to know the little guy. He is already very aware and I find it fascinating just watching him take everything in that is going on around him. How much sleep am I getting? Well, that's more a question people should be asking the misses. She has had to get up and feed him consistently throughout the night for the last 6 weeks but thankfully for her, he is starting to ease up on the mid-night snacks and is liking just sleeping through the night.

Hopefully he'll keep doing just that!

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