Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Reviving the Neglected.

Well, now I'm hoping to kick this thing into gear.

Unfortunately, I have not given this blog very much attention. Mostly because I've been too lazy to write anything but I have recently been inspired to write again.

It started with an underwhelming experience at a local cafe. A friend and I frequently catch up for a coffee and we decided to try out someplace new. We had heard good things about the coffee there and thought we would check it out. Too bad it left a sour taste. At that point, I wanted to share that experience. I wanted to write a review about it. I wanted to blog about it.

I called this blog Universal Commentary because I wanted to have a little patch of internet where I could speak my mind on pretty much anything I wanted to. My wife tells me that I need to focus on something more specific to  make sure I actually have stuff to talk about. I think she's right.

Although I have to say I still want a bit of flexibility. So here is what I'm aiming for.

Like my initial urge to get back into the blogging game I'd like to write the occasional review. Movies, restaurants etc. Writing about opinion pieces I read. I want to cover topics such as spirituality, fatherhood technology and the just the everyday things.

I want to see how that goes for a while and I hope it makes for interesting reading. I would like to see if any topics generate discussion as I always look forward to delving into debate.

Right, well that's all for now. I'm gonna try my best to keep up with things.

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